Our Story

In 2017 Hear 2 help was established with the mission to provide a hand-up in financial assistance for hearing aids and assistive technology to local children in need, because insurance rarely covers these lifetime costs. We are a group of volunteers working together toward a common vision: that every child choosing amplification, birth to 21, has access to the equipment they need to reach their full potential.  Every child deserve to hear the world!  Thanks to you, we can continue our mission.

Terri Steinlage

Board Member 


Terri wears many hats at Hear 2 help. As the co-founder/executive director/board member, she coordinates,  organizes and works with the families, partner providers and the amazing Hear 2 help volunteer team. She spreads  the word about our organization, so that we can provide a hand up to families financially and get their children the  hearing aids and assistive technology they need. She’s a mom on a mission so that no child goes without. The  things she loves most about serving are making a difference in the lives of children—and receiving updates about  the children they’ve helped. As the parent of a child who is hard-of-hearing (and who is also the inspiration for  Hear 2 help), Terri recognizes the huge impact early intervention can make on the life of a child who is deaf/hard of  hearing.

Chris Steinlage

Board Member 


Chris assists the other Hear 2 help board members and our team of volunteers throughout the year, planning and  executing our fundraising activities. He also serves as an advisor to the executive director of the organization. His  most rewarding part of Hear 2 help is the letters and emails from parents or children after they have received new hearing technology. As the parent of a daughter who was born hard-of-hearing, Chris recognizes the difference  hearing aids can have on a child—something that is hard to put into words. When he’s not volunteering for Hear 2  help, he works as a strategic business advisor. At home, he enjoys outdoor activities, DIY projects, and making  dad jokes that his wife and daughter tolerate. (And if you didn’t catch the same last name, his wife is our other co founder, Terri!)

Karon Martin

Board Member 


Karon’s role at Hear 2 help is focusing on finding creative methods to fund the prohibitively high cost of children’s  hearing aids. She found her purpose at Hear 2 help, because our mission hits close to home—her youngest  daughter was born with bilateral conductive hearing loss. After years helping the local school district with hearing  and vision testing, she saw the poor classroom engagement in kids who were hard-of-hearing. The dilemma  became her calling to give back—to ensure that kids don’t fall behind in learning just because they can’t afford  amplification devices. When she’s not working on behalf of the families we help, she’s working on behalf of her  own—with three daughters in college at the same time (along with two dogs and a Type A husband), it’s a more than-full-time job in its own right.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

– Helen Keller